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Has anyone out there had to deal with and managed to find a viable workaround for the Firefox 5 geolocation issue I posted in the following bug report. It's easier to link to the report than re-describe it here.

Surely I'm not the only one on the planet this has bitten.

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Same problem here. The engineers commenting in the bug report make a good point (your UI should gracefully handle the case where no response was received), but in my opinion it should timeout and therefore trigger the error callback in that case. – brianjcohen Nov 17 '11 at 23:58

This doesn't really solve the root of your problem but my strategy for handling this is setting a default location point that I use right away (not waiting for the geolocation question to be answered).

If I get a location from the user, I just change it to the new location. If I get a rejection or no answer at all, I just stay on the default location.

It's also my experience that a desktop client (in my case Firefox on a stationary Windows computer) takes much longer to respond than a mobile client (in my case Safari on iPhone). I was forced to set the timeout to 10 seconds (10000) to give the desktop client enough time to respond. So if you have a map, initializing it and centering on a default location directly will give the user a map on the screen much faster than if you have to wait for a response.

Good luck with your positioning project!

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good idea - default value – Michal Wrd Mar 3 '14 at 12:32

I might be a bit late but hope I can help others. My workaround is based on a delayed call. If there is no fix when the delayed call is fires, I become suspicious :)

var timeIsPassig = false;

function anyThing(){
  timeIsPassig = true;
      if (timeIsPassig) {
        timeIsPassig = false;
        console.log("Waiting too much... Or did you say not now? :-P");
    function (pos) {timeIsPassig = false; /* rest of positioning*/},
    function (err) {timeIsPassig = false; /* rest of error handling*/},
    {maximumAge: 30000, timeout: 10000, enableHighAccuracy: true}
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Good answer. And it also solves the case that the Mozilla devs are making — that we should handle the "what if the user ignores it" case. Incidentally IE11 doesn't even have a "deny it this time" option, so this is the solution I'm recommending to my development team. – Owen Blacker Feb 19 at 14:34

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