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I have an entity with 2 fields (of course some more, but for simplicity only 2 :) ):

class Entity
    // boolean type
    protected $is_public;
    // hashed string
    protected $password;

Now I need a form in symfony 2 for that entity with the following dependencies on the password field: When the user clicks the checkbox for $is_public, he does not have to enter a password. On the other hand, when the user wants the entity (in my case a user-group) as non-public, he must enter a password with at least N characters.

How would you do that with the validators shipped with symfony2 framework? Is there a way to achieve my goals?

Thank you in advance,


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The unique way i have found is to create a custom Constraint, with a class constraint you can access all properties of your object.

Look at these classes:

and create your own with your logic.

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You can specify a callback function that is called at validation time, and have it do pretty much whatever you want. Here are the docs:


Note that if you are using translations, you can also specify a string-key in the addViolation call.

  array(), null);
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