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Consider the following array

$array = ('fruit'     => 'apple',
          'vegetable' => 'potato',
          'dairy'     => 'cheese');

I wanted to use array_pop to get the last key/value pair.

However, one will note that after the following

$last = array_pop($array);


It will output only the value (string(6) "cheese")

How can I "pop" the last pair from the array, preserving the key/value array structure?

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Check out array_slice()

print_r(array_slice(array("a" => "1", "b" => 2, "c" => 3), -1, 1));
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Ensure you set preserve_keys = true if your keys are numeric or you may not get the pair you expected! – Ella Ryan Jan 5 '14 at 13:10


end($array); //pointer to end
each($array); //get pair
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You can use end() and key() to the the key and the value, then you can pop the value.

$array = array('fruit' => 'apple', 'vegetable' => 'potato', 'dairy' => 'cheese');
$val = end($array); // 'cheese'
                    // Moves array pointer to end
$key = key($array); // 'dairy'
                    // Gets key at current array position
array_pop($array); // Removes the element
                   // Resets array pointer
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This should work, just don't do it inside a foreach loop (it'll mess up the loop)

end($array); // set the array pointer to the end
$keyvaluepair = each($array);  // read the key/value
reset($array); // for good measure

Edit: Briedis suggests array_slice() which is probably a better solution

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Try this:


    $array = array('fruit'     => 'apple',          'vegetable' => 'potato',          'dairy'     => 'cheese');

    function array_end($array) {
         $val = end($array);
        return array(array_search($val, $array) => $val);

    echo "<pre>";


    [dairy] => cheese
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