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How do you name your GoTo labels? I use rarely often so I'm having a hard time finding good names.

Please refrain from the classical 'goto is evil and eat your code alive discussion'

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Doesn't this kinda depend on what they're used for? I prefer to name every identifier after something meaningful in the context they're used. Of course, telling us where you use them may open up for a discussion of what you could use instead of gotos. Tough luck. :) – jalf Mar 28 '09 at 19:35
I would also argue that if you need a naming convention, it sounds like you're overusing them. ;) – jalf Mar 28 '09 at 19:36
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My label names almost always fall into one of these patterns:

  • Called "restart", for restarting a set of nested loops because a change has invalidated something
  • Called "exit" or "return", right before the return statement, and is only there because of a trace statement that logs the return value for debugging
  • Has the same name as the boolean variable that it replaces
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In batch files I often use HELL.


some_command || GOTO HELL



echo "Ouch, Hot!"
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  • "cleanup" if it stand before freeing some previosly allocated resources (or similar kind of 'finally' section work)
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In fortran, I use goto for rollbacks, and I normally start from 999 backwards (in fortran, goto labels are only numeric)

    call foo(err)
    if (err /= 0) goto 999

    call bar(err)
    if (err /= 0) goto 998

    call baz(err)
    if (err /= 0) goto 997

    ! everything fine
    error = 0

997 call undo_bar()
998 call undo_foo()
999 error = 1

I also use labels greater than 1000 if for some reason I want to skip the rollback part.

In C and other languages, I would use rollbacknumber (eg. rollback1, rollback2), so it's clear from the label that you are going to rollback. This is basically the only good reason for using goto.

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I usually only need it for 2 cases. As such, my goto labels are either begin or finally.

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