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I have an ordered list of names, and I need to make the third item on the list bold. Only the third item should be bold. After that it should return to regular font. Here's what I have as of now:

    <c:forEach items="${names}" var="entry" varStatus="status">
            <c:if test="${entry eq 'Jeff'}"> is a grader.</c:if>
            <c:if test="${entry eq 'jeff'}"> is a grader.</c:if>

Would I still be using <b> tags, or is there another way to bold certain text (using JSTL)?

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<b> tags work, but if it's an option, you might want to explore how to use CSS to make something bold. –  Marvo Aug 3 '11 at 22:20

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Make use of the varStatus="status" you got there. It refers to a local LoopTagStatus instance which offers you among others the (self-explaining) getIndex() method.

<c:if test="${status.index == 2}"><b>This is the 3rd item.</b></c:if>

(yes, also here, array indexes start at 0)

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