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I have two asynchronouse methods which take Action callbacks. I was wondering if there is an extension in Rx for actions?

My goal is to wait until both callback are called and then do some processing?

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This is from Jesse and my upcoming book, but here you go, it's a freebie:

public Func<T1, IObservable<TRet>> FromCallbackPattern<T1, TRet>(Action<T1, Action<TRet>> originalMethod)
    return new Func<T1, IObservable<TRet>>((param1) => {
        var subject = new AsyncSubject<TRet>();

        try {
            return originalMethod(param1, (result) => {
        } catch (Exception ex) {

        return subject;

Here's how you use it:

// Here's a sample method that follows the callback pattern
public void DownloadPageTextAsync(string url, Action<string> callback);

var dlPageRx = FromCallbackPattern(DownloadPageTextAsync);

    .Subscribe(pageText => Console.WriteLine(pageText));
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