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On my website I want to be able to use a different referrer in order to not reveal where my traffic is coming from.

Here is an example:

Site 1 - www.examplesite1.com (traffic source)
Site 2 - www.examplesite2.com (site to redirect through)
Site 3 - www.partnerssite.com (where i want to push traffic from examplesite1.com)

So what I thought was:

On Site 1 I would link like this:
www.examplesite2.com?p=9982 (unique id)

Then in the index.php file on examplesite2.com I will use a little script to check if $_GET['p'] equals 9982, if it equals I will redirect to examplesite2.com/out.php by using header("location:"); and then again on out.php I will redirect with header("Location: www.partnerssite.com");

My question: is there any way at all for partnersite.com to see that the click actually came from examplesite1.com?

Please excuse me if this seems messy :)

All help and tips are very welcome.

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No. Unless people at partnersite.com have access to examplesite2.com's server there is no way they know the traffic is coming from www.examplesite1.com.

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