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Like, say, those that include the word "production"?

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function zshaddhistory() {
    emulate -L zsh
    if [[ $1 != *"production"* ]] ; then
        print -sr -- "${1%%$'\n'}"
        fc -p
        return 1

Put the above to a file that will be sourced when interactive shell starts (to .zshrc or to a file that is sourced from .zshrc like I do).

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this isn't working for me... i've tried many permutations. i've also tested that the branches are getting entered correctly (the if condition is correct). but the command still gets put into history. But this works: zshaddhistory() { [[ $1 != *production* ]] } –  John Bachir Aug 12 '11 at 23:51
@John Bachir I made a mistake: I thought that fc -p is related to adding command to a history (and now unsure what is it doing here at all). Your variant works because according to the help If any of the hook functions return a non-zero value the history line will not be saved, although it lingers in the history until the next line is executed allow you to reuse or edit it immediately.. –  ZyX Aug 21 '11 at 0:28

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