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I have a method that takes a cgi object and creates a CGI::FormBuilder object. if it is submitted, does a db connection and process data otherwise, prepopulates some data and renders the form.

I want to write a unit test for it. Therefore, I want to give it a cgi object and it will create a submitted form and process data.

Which parameter must be specified in cgi to do form to be submitted?

Thanks in advance.

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found it: (submittedname_of_the_form)_(name_of_the_form) –  ferhat elmas Aug 3 '11 at 23:55

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Parameter is (submittedname_of_the_form)_(name_of_the_form)

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Probably you want:

$q = CGI->new(INPUTFILE);
$q = CGI->new(\*STDIN);
$q = CGI->new($my_query_string);
$q = CGI->new(\%my_form_params);

As described on CPAN CGI page

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I wanted to create a cgi object one of the way you described above but the actual thing I wanted to learn which parameter I should provide in cgi object to formbuilder to be processed as submitted. I had already found and added what I wanted as a comment since it prevented me from adding as an answer in the first 8 hours. –  ferhat elmas Aug 6 '11 at 16:45

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