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I have the following animation at the end of my cellForRowAtIndex Delegate method which just shifts all the cells left/right depending on whether i have the pseudoEditing flag set or not:

[UIView beginAnimations:@"cell shift" context:nil];
[UIView setAnimationDuration:kEventActionViewAnimationDuration];

cell.eventName.frame = (self.pseudoEditing) ? kPseudoEditingFirstIndentedRect : kFirstLabelRect;
cell.eventLocationName.frame = (self.pseudoEditing) ? kPseudoEditingSecondIndentedRect : kSecondaryLabelRect;
cell.eventStartDate.frame = (self.pseudoEditing) ? kPseudoEditingThirdIndentedRect : kThirdLabelRect;
cell.eventStartEndTime.frame = (self.pseudoEditing) ? kPseudoEditingFourthIndentedRect : kFourthLabelRect;
cell.imageView.frame = (self.pseudoEditing) ? kImageViewIndentedRect : kImageViewRect;
cell.rsvpImageView.hidden = !self.pseudoEditing;

[UIView commitAnimations];

return cell;

Here is where the constants are declared:

#define kImageViewRect                          CGRectMake(10, 9.0, 60.0, 60.0)
#define kFirstLabelRect                         CGRectMake(80, 10.0, 220.0, 20.0)
#define kSecondaryLabelRect                     CGRectMake(80, 30.0, 220.0, 20.0)
#define kThirdLabelRect                         CGRectMake(80, 50.0, 220.0, 20.0)
#define kFourthLabelRect                        CGRectMake(180.0, 50.0, 110.0, 20.0)

#define kPseudoEditingFirstIndentedRect         CGRectMake(115.0, 10.0, 195.0, 20.0)
#define kPseudoEditingSecondIndentedRect        CGRectMake(115.0, 30.0, 195.0, 20.0)
#define kPseudoEditingThirdIndentedRect         CGRectMake(115.0, 50.0, 195.0, 20.0)
#define kPseudoEditingFourthIndentedRect        CGRectMake(200.0, 50.0, 110.0, 20.0)

The problem is that it only works in one direction when shifting back from right to left and not from the normal state from left to right.

Any ideas?

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Can you show the code that you use to set up the animation? – XenElement Aug 4 '11 at 0:29
You should probably try Block animations instead, as they are easier, and the Apple approved way of doing things. – msgambel Aug 4 '11 at 4:20
@MSgambel: Apple "approves" of both methods. Perhaps you mean using blocks is the preferred method? – titaniumdecoy Aug 4 '11 at 5:21
@titaniumdecoy: Yes, that is what I mean. After iOS 4.0, Apple prefers you use blocks to do your animations. – msgambel Aug 4 '11 at 5:23
@XenElement, not sure what you mean but that is all the animation code i am using. re:others, need backward compatibility. – James Aug 4 '11 at 14:05
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Turns out my FetchedResultsController was reloading the table directly after the animation began which cancelled it out.

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