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I am building a service which needs to validate XML files adhere to a given schema. In perusing the list of node modules at I see several XML parsing solutions but none of them, at first glance, appear to support XSD.

Are there other solutions out there I missed? Alternatively I am considering implementing a node proxy to an external library's functionality. The following question page has several good suggestions (Xerces and Xmllint being interesting) along these lines. Would something else be preferable?

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I ended up writing XML validation through DTD's instead by calling the command line xmllint program. I wasn't confident about the maturity of the XSD validation libraries I looked at as they seemed to be incomplete, for the most part.

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can u tell me how you validated XML through DTD? I am facing a similar problem – Placinta Salaru Alin Jul 2 '12 at 0:31

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