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Is there a way to ignore dirty submodules when using git add --patch?

I've set ignore = dirty as explained here. This seems to only work with git status and git diff. I love git add -p. Having to skip through 10 dirty submodules every time I want to add a small change frustrates me.

I haven't quite figured out git add -i yet, but it looks like it handles dirty submodules the same way.

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Having add silently ignore submodule updates seems, to quote Clint, tooooo dangerous.

I don't know how to do it with add --patch, but I can get pretty close with add --edit and a vim keymapping:

map <Leader>\x :%!sed '/^diff --git/\!{H;$\!d};x;1{$\!d;x};/\nindex[^\n]*160000\n/d'<CR>

while will map \\x to eliminate all submodule update hunks. The \!s in that are vim-specific bang escapes, strip those backslashes to use the sed elsewhere.

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