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according to the manual for grep,

-l, --files-with-matches
          Suppress normal output; instead print the  name  of  each  input
          file  from  which  output would normally have been printed.  The
          scanning will stop on the first match.

grep -l, this seems fine in that when a match is found, the file name containing the match is echoed.

However when i do a grep -ln, grep echoes every line of the occurrence.

Does grep -l really mean to stop when the first occurrence of the match is found and stop scanning, while grep -ln will ignore the -l flag?

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Those options are incompatible. Use grep -Hnm 1 if you want to display the line number of the first match (and only the first match) in each file.

-H, --with-filename
Print the filename for each match.

-n, --line-number
Prefix each line of output with the line number within its input file.

-m NUM, --max-count=NUM
Stop reading a file after NUM matching lines.

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