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I am on the beginning stage of developing a Java based Web Application. I can use Strut, Grail, and Play equally well. Can you point me out what framework is the best for long-term develop web application among these three or just use normal MVC (M-java bean, V-jsp,jstl, C-servlet)?

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If you want answers that aren't just opinion, you might want to explain the application design a little: it's purpose, it's overall scale, size of the team, past experience, planned timeframe, etc. – OverZealous Aug 4 '11 at 3:10
No possible way to answer this question. Flagged as such. – Gregg Aug 4 '11 at 5:19
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I have an answer

  • Play is for web apps based on Java you want to create nowadays in which you need to be efficient to build modern distributed/mobile apps while being robust enough and relying on strong background to build industrial apps.

  • Grails is for web apps based on Java you wanted to do 2 years ago when you were fed up with all Java stuff in general and wanted to try something else not too far from RAILS but not too far from Java.

  • Spring MVC is for web apps you wanted to do 5 years ago when you had just Java EE in hands and Spring seemed so much lightweight and practical.

  • Struts is for web apps you wanted to do 10years ago when you had nothing at all but servlets and JSP!

This is a caricature but not so far from reality

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