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I'm new to the hadoop technologies .How to run the simple program through command line.I'm using windows environment.I install the Cygwin.Can you help me ...

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Try the below URLs.

If you are new to Hadoop, try using one of the IDE plugins. This will help you get started quickly.

FYI ..... Hadoop on Windows is not recommended for Production.

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I use the above three link but i didn't get.First link every thing is fine when i open perspective it selecting the Map/Reduce and displaying below but click function is not working .It means i click the New Hadoop location it's not opening the popup window.Can any one help me... – Naveen Aug 4 '11 at 7:16

Are your program written in Java? If so, you need to compile your program and pack the compiled files into a Jar file. And then run the program with hadoop command:

${hadoop_home}/bin/hadoop jar ${your_program_jar_file} ${main_class_of_jar}
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You can run the Hadoop commands from anywhere in the terminal/command line, but only if the $path variable is set properly.

The syntax would be like this:

hadoop fs -<command> or hdfs fs -<command>

You review the docs for more information.

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