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I want to zoom the webview to any percentage with the function of


But I do not know how to set the value of arg0 correctly.

I tried to use setInitialScale() to set the zoom percentage, but it does not work for some web page.

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WebSettings.ZoomDensity is just an enum with the values CLOSE, FAR, and MEDIUM. So to answer your title question: arg0 is one of the strings "CLOSE", "FAR", or "MEDIUM". This would lead to:


But that could be stated more simply as:


And if you used a static import statement such as:

import static android.webkit.WebSettings.ZoomDensity.*;

Then you could simply and elegantly do this:

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According to the documentation, ZoomDensity is an enum for setting the desired density.

So you can set it like so:




valueOf() is just a way to convert a string into an enum value:



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WebSettings.ZoomDensity is an enumeration and the valueOf(String) method is inherited from Enum<E>. The setDefaultZoom(WebSettings.ZoomDensity) method should be called like:


Here is the documentation for the ZoomDensity enum

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