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I have a simple question about how to use multiple indicies for an array or rec.array. More specifically, I want to isolate the cell(s) in an array which meet multiple stipulations. For example:

import numpy as np
test = np.ones(5)
test_rec = test.view(recarray)
test_rec.age = np.array([0,1,2,1,4]) = np.array([0,1,1,0,0])

I want to isolate test_rec where test_rec age is 1 AND is 1, ie:

test_rec[test_rec.age==1 and]

Unfortunately, this does not work.

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It appears you are incorrectly creating your recarray. –  Swiss Aug 4 '11 at 5:47

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use logical_and() or bitwise_and(), and you can use & operator to do bitwise_and():

test_rec[(test_rec.age==1) & (]

the brackets is important, because the precedence of & is lower then ==.

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age_is_one = test_rec.age == 1
sex_is_one = == 1
age_and_sex = numpy.logical_and(age_is_one, sex_is_one)
indices = numpy.nonzero(age_and_sex)


numpy logical operations


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