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I have an associative array in JS.

var array = {
    'one' : 'first',
    'two' : 'second',
    'three' : 'third'

How can I add new pair in it

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Javascript doesn't have "associative arrays". It has Objects (which are unordered collections of name/value pairs) and Arrays, which are just objects with a special length property and some handy methods that operate on properties with numeric names. Array properties are also unordered, but can be accessed in sequence using a loop (for, while or do). –  RobG Aug 4 '11 at 6:11

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array['newpair'] = 'new value';


array.newpair = 'newvalue';

This is quite a decent read on the subject.

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It's an object literal, not really an "associative array".

Just do array['something'] = 'something';

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