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I have 2 tables(entity) a person entity and a vacation entity.One person can have many vacations. what I'm trying to do is the following query:

Select all the persons period!, but for the persons who have a vacations, I want to fetch all of the persons vacations which have a condition , lest just say startDate is between something.

Just to be clear no mather the constraints on the vacations I still want to get all the persons.this is my current HQL querry:

select distinct p from Person as p 
left join fetch p.vacations as v 
where  v.startDate between '2011-07-01' and '2011-07-30'

The problem with it is that it constraint my persons an returns only the ones who have a vacation that respects the condition....Can someone help please?

I have no problem if someone can tell me this in native SQL

UPDATE Resolved in Native Sql thanx to @Quasdunk:

 SELECT * FROM person as p LEFT JOIN 
(SELECT *  FROM vacation
        WHERE startDate BETWEEN '2011-08-01' AND '2011-08-30') as v 
on v.person_id=p.id

My new problem is how to convert it to an HQL query so i can fetch the vacations for each person , and the persons to be distinct(the conditions remain the same ).

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In native SQL this would be:

FROM person 
           FROM vacations 
           WHERE startDate BETWEEN '2011-07-01' AND '2011-07-30')

untested, but you get the idea :)

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doesn`t quite work....:D –  Alexx Aug 4 '11 at 7:26
@Alexx What exactly is not working? Are the table names correct? Is the person-foreign-key in vacations named the same as in person (otherwise you have to join...on)? –  Quasdunk Aug 4 '11 at 7:31
You are mixing columns from both person and vacation and returning way more rows. Like select * from person p where person_id in (select person_id from vacations where ...) or person_id not in (select person_id from vacations) –  ssedano Aug 4 '11 at 8:16
@Udo Fholl That's how I understand the question. He wants to have ALL persons, and IF they were on vacation during that time it's supposed to select some vacation-fields. So joining all persons with a subset of vacation seems quite appropriate to me. –  Quasdunk Aug 4 '11 at 8:27
@Quasdunk: I just understood him in another way. All the persons who has no vacation. And all the persons with a vacation in a period. I might be mistaken thou. –  ssedano Aug 4 '11 at 8:30

Try the following,

select p.*, v.* from PERSON p LEFT JOIN VACATION v on (p.id = v.p_id) where v.startDate between '2011-07-21' and '2011-07-22'

Hope this works for you.

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sorry ...but its the same query as the one i posted ...only is sql not hql..thx for the help though –  Alexx Aug 4 '11 at 7:28
Hey Alex, I kinda tested it on a sample data. I thought you were fine with native sql too. Hence, the output in sql. Not sure why the HQL version shows different data. Perhaps, you could include the explain plan, or a sample data and the output you get from HQL execution. –  rishi Aug 4 '11 at 9:46
sorry for the late answer but like i said before ..it does not do what i want him to do ...it returns only the persons who have a vacation –  Alexx Aug 8 '11 at 7:53

You might want to use functions to achieve it:

select p from Person p 
where p.vacations.size = 0 
or (minelement(p.vacations) > '2011-07-01' 
    maxelement(p.vacations) < '2011-07-30')

Those dates might be actually a Date type. Depending of the type.


select p from Person p 
where p.vacations.size = 0 
or (p.vacations.startDate > '2011-07-01' 
    p.vacations.endDate < '2011-07-30')

You should also take a look at here

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In plain (My)SQL it would look like this:

select distinct p.* from person p
left join vacations v on p.id = v.person_id 
where v.id is null or.v.start_date between '2011-07-01' and '2011-07-30'

In HQL this will probably be (not tested)

select distinct p from Person as p 
left join fetch p.vacations as v 
where v.id is null or  v.startDate between '2011-07-01' and '2011-07-30'

or maybe (I'm not really sure if this will work)

select distinct p from Person as p 
left join fetch p.vacations as v 
where v is null or v.startDate between '2011-07-01' and '2011-07-30'
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i 've done something like that works but only partially..because if someone has a vacation, but the start date is not in the interval, it will return null , because the vacations side is not null and respect de condition either. –  Alexx Aug 8 '11 at 8:29

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