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I've a problem regarding Database.

My problem is I've Database script file.When I integtrated the script file in Database.I found all the stored procedure is visible.But tables are not visible.

I wrote the Command as follows: select * from sysobjects where type='p'

Now all the tables is showing but fields are not.

I wrote the Command to get the fields for particular table_name targeted as

select * from table_name .

But a message is Coming like Invalid Object name as table_name.

Please help me out to find the fields of the table ...

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You can use the following query to retrieve the columns of the sought-for table:

WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'your table name'
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The above code worked nicely but we need all the fields of that particular table,which is not coming..... – LKRussey Aug 4 '11 at 8:56

You can list all columns with:

select * from sys.columns
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