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Hi can some body help me on how can i import contacts from a outlook file. I assume it's a form of csv file

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If you want an answer you'll have to supply more info than that, as it stands this is a I can haz teh codez? question. –  Johan Aug 4 '11 at 7:56
I think different versions of Outlook have exported these in different ways. If you post (part of) the exported file and also define what format you want it converted to, someone might be able to help. You tagged your question "mysql", so even some table description could be helpful.. –  Bing Aug 4 '11 at 7:57

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Something like below should work for a standard CSV(I am not sure if outlook makes any non standard changes to the format

$csvLines = file(/path/to/file.csv);
$values = array();
foreach($csvLines as $line)
    $fields = explode(',', $line);
    $fieldsTrimmed = array();
    foreach($fields as $field)
        $field = trim($field)
        $fieldsTrimmed[] = trim($field, '"');
    $values[] = $fieldsTrimmed;

The array values should have all the data with $values[0] showing the field names.

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I found out that it was allowed export as tab seperated values. Which is a txt file. I used file-get-contents with str-getcsv to parse it into a array.

str-getcsv(file-get-contents($file), "\t")

if you wish to use csv file the use the following

str-getcsv(file-get-contents($file), ",")
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