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I´m doin a unattended cygwin installation and I was wondering if there will occure any problems without a setup.ini.

Following: my "install-folder" includes a setup.exe and a subfolder release (within all the packages packed). I´m starting the setup silent (with Nsis) and install the packages. In NSIS I define the Root, the location of the packages etc.

I think it works so far (I´m not sure because i´ve got a curious error in cmake). There are many instructions how to modify the whole setup for an offline installation. But I don´t get the point why I have to modify it at all.

I hope anyone has got experience with this issue!

@Daniel Le cygwin installs the packages without the .ini (all of them). And there has nothing to be downloaded because the packages are on the local machine.

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I believe the setup.ini is essential to the setup process, as it indicates which packages to be downloaded and installed.

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The Ini file is so far only a description for file locations and paths to be set as default. It is not necessary to have the ini file if you wanna install some packages!

That´s my conclusion.

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