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im new to javascript and ajax, i am trying to figure out how to assign to a global variable the retrieved data using ajax. my code looks like this:


         var address;

                  type: "POST",
                  url: "testing.php",
                  data: ({task: 'store'}),
                  cache: false,
                  dataType: "text",
                  success: onSuccess

        function onSuccess(data)
            address = data;

               alert (address);
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Two things to consider:

  • If you want address to be global variable, don't define it inside the block. It won't be visible outside the block you define it in, so it's not a global variable. Define it e.g. at the very beginning of your script, outside of any blocks.

  • The alert (address); doesn't make sense there, since it most likely gets called before the onSuccess function is called. Put it inside the onSuccess function if you want to see the value of address after the data has been assigned.

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