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I try to add a Json strem form my odata server. It work fine with jQuery, but in objective-c ther is only xml returned.

I try this :

DataModel *proxy = [[DataModel alloc] initWithUri:@"" credential:nil];
[proxy addHeader:@"Accept" headerValue:@"application/json, text/javascript, */*; sq=0.01"];
QueryOperationResponse *response = [proxy execute:@"Example"];
NSMutableArray *array = [response getResult];

It doesn't work.

How can I do?

thanks Gwennin

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2 Answers 2

xml is what odata will return. you will need to parse the results. Here is a link to a great tutorial for doing that.

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If the returned type is a Collection<> of some sort, the OData library does the work for you and converts it to an array of the correct Entity in Objective-C.

If you return a simple type, parse the result. An example is using XPath queries (although for my service, I had to remove from the returned XML a couple of unsupported root element attributes that Odata returned).

If you chose to use Xpath,I love this code:

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