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I'm trying to grab all text between the HTML Tags (if there), and put a function on it .. i mean.. my code now is

$code = preg_replace_callback('/(\(\s*\')\s*(.*?)\s*(\')/',
        function($matches) {
            return strtolower($matches);
        }, $code);

now what i want is :

  1. If there is a HTML tags === Return HTML tags + strtolower(for the text between the tags).

  2. If there isn't a HTML tags === Return strtolower(all the text)

example : if we have :

('TEST HERE this is a TEXT')


('test here this is a text')

but if with HTML tags like

<DIV CLASS='tesT'>This IS A TEXT</DIV><Div class='Test1'>THIS is another TEXT</DIV>


<DIV CLASS='tesT'>this is a text</DIV><Div class='Test1'>this is another text</DIV>
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possible duplicate of preg_match easiest way to match text from inside html tags – hakre Aug 4 '11 at 9:45

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$str = preg_replace_callback( '/(<.+?>)*(.*?)/s', 'replace', $str );

function replace( $matches ) {
    return $matches[1].strtolower( $matches[2] );
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good code, but the problem is (its not ignore. its delete it).. my pattern is (\(\s*\')(<.+?>)*\s*(.*?)\s*(\') and the function is: return $matches[1].$matches[2].strtolower($matches[3]).$matches[4]; – Programmer4me Aug 4 '11 at 10:07
@programmer4me my code doesn't delete anything, does exactly what you want, I've tested it. – nobody Aug 4 '11 at 10:16
ok good, im trying to make it works but the problem is im using this code . $code = preg_replace_callback('/(\(\')(<.+?>)*(.*?)(<.+?>)*(\')/', function($matches){ var_dump($matches); }, $code); this code is not working, the matches dont view any html tags .. the matches[2] is empty .. what's problem ?? thanks – Programmer4me Aug 4 '11 at 14:45

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