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so i am going to start on a website which is going to have

  • Main Website
  • Mobile Version
  • Android App
  • iPhone App
  • WP7 App

going to start on the website first using .Net Framework 4 , for database will be using the EF4. The website is expected to create lots of traffic.

i want to take advice on how to approach the development , currently evaluating following 2 options

1) Main Website and Mobile website versions talk directly to database and the mobile apps are built upon WCF / Odata .

2nd Option

First build up the WCF /OData webservices and then develop all Main Website / Mobile Website and apps using the data services ( will this make the website slow , assuming all will Database on one box and website + services on the other box)

please pour in your views on both options.


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I would choose the second option. Have a look at

  • Web Service Software Factory that will help you build web services correctly, and develop good practices.
  • ASP.NET MVC i recommend to use it for building web site, and your web services will serve as Model for site.

I would also put wcf services on the same server as database.


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Thanks Mate.. i am already starting with Web Service Software Factory!! – Parvesh Aug 5 '11 at 5:58

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