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I am trying to get the flex mojos maven compiler to run my projects.

Anyone with feedback on the below information is appreciated.

I am using this configuration for the maven compiler plugin and for some reason every time I run the clean install on my SWF project I still see the following in the compile step for the app.

info.rvin.mojo flex-compiler-mojo true true

-compiler.accessible=false -compiler.actionscript-file-encoding UTF-8 -compiler.allow-source-path-overlap=false -compiler.as3=true -compiler.debug=false

That means I can not connect to my app via the Flex Builder's debug tool. Any thoughts on how I should properly configure the plugin in the pom.xml?


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adam, we're just starting to build out the chapter on flexmojos in Maven: The Definitive Guide. For starters, use the new plugin groupId, artifactId that is listed in that chapter. velo moved the flexmojos project over to the Sonatype Forge a few months ago, and we're just getting the 3.0 release out.

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To anyone out there reading this: remember Maven is a build tool; it only (typically) executes (parts of) your code as a consequence of executing the tests you've implemented.

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