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could somebody please tell me what the following expressions means:


As far as I know it's a regular exp

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I suggest to have a look at – Felix Kling Aug 4 '11 at 10:09
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Between 6 and 8 numeric digits.

(As it's not anchored to boundaries or start & end of string, it would also match between 6 and 8 digits within a longer series of digits - for instance, it will match 123456, 1234567, 1234678, but also the first 8 digits of 123456789.)

\d is a character class - it could also have been written as [0-9]. The {} part is a repetition count; it could be a single number, e.g. {6}, or, as in this case, a range - so the {6,8} means "the previous thing, repeated between 6 and 8 times".

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it matches between 6 and 8 sequential numeric digits.

\d is equivalent to the character class [0-9], and the {,} notation specifies an exact number of times that a pattern has to match.

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matches a digit that is of length between 6 and 8

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it means, at least 6 digits and no more than 8 digits

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It means between 6 to 8 numbers in a row.

  • \d means a number [0-9]
  • {6, 8} means min. of 6, max. of 8

You use curly braces to describe how many of the previous character you want to look for. Entering a single number, like {3} means 3 in a row. Adding a second number changes this into min/max. is the best site on the web for learning about regular expressions.

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