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I am running a small executable created by a third party that needs to run at regular intervals on a Windows 2008 server. This executable effectively ETLs information from one system to another and needs to run every hour or so around the clock. As part of its processing the executable launches a small Windows Forms type UI.

I have set up a scheduled task to call the file and this works ONLY if the user under which the task is configured to run is logged onto the machine (either locally or via Remote Desktop). If I set the task to run as another user, or set the task to run when the user is not logged, on the scheduled task executes and errors. I have tried running as different users including Administrator user and System user. Is there any possible workarounds (without changing the third party code which I have no access to) which would allow this code to be run without a specific user logged in.

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That's odd that a system account cannot even execute the jobs. I am using a system account to run multiple scheduled tasks at various intervals without a problem. There should also be an option for "Run only if logged in" that you can enable or diasble. –  RobB Aug 5 '11 at 23:11

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The GUI app needs a desktop and you only get one of those for a logged in user.

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I think I have found a solution for this situation. You need to have two user accounts on the server (User1 and User2). RMD into the server under User1. Within this RMD, create your scheduled task, and set it to run under User2 account. Then, from within this RMD, you need to RMD into the server itself using User2 credentials (kind of like Inception's dream within a dream). It's important not to minimize this new RMD window; you can make it small, but it must be open. You are then free to close the original RMD session and the task will run under the User2 account, because User2 has an open desktop from your 2nd RMD session.

Protip - don't unpin the RMD window handles at the top of the RMD window - it can be a pain to close the correct RMD then. If you do, you'll need to use the Start > Log Out option all the way out of your RMDs.

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Creative! But what a pain! –  Chloe Mar 26 '13 at 3:47

It would seem that from the research I have done (and David Heffernan's answer), without affecting the source code, this is not possible.

There are some useful thoughts on How can I run a Windows GUI application on as a service? which relate to this but none give a viable workaround to this problem.

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This article shows how to create a task that does not require any login: https://www.scriptjunkie.us/2013/01/running-code-from-a-non-elevated-account-at-any-time/

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