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I have a select field that fetch from an entity and I would like to customize completely my select by choosing the table the id is picked from (here I would like to select t.id instead of tl.id as the select value)

return $er->createQueryBuilder('tl')
->leftJoin('tl.lang', 'l')
->leftJoin('tl.type', 't')
->where('l.isDefault = 1')
->orderBy('tl.name', 'ASC');

Due to my tables, I can't simply fetch the table t, I have to use tl

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Your query is not according to the syntax defined in Doctrine 2 QueryBuilder: http://www.doctrine-project.org/docs/orm/2.0/en/reference/query-builder.html

Your query might work in Doctrine 1.2 but in Doctrine 2 you should build your query according to the syntax defined in the link I posted above.

For example ->addSelect('l') is not being used in Doctrine 2 anymore. It has become ->add('select', 'l').

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->addSelect('l') is a shortcut to ->add('select', 'l') –  rgazelot Mar 31 at 12:50
How do you append selection fields based on some conditions. ? –  hardik Aug 14 at 7:39

You don't have to set different alias for your column. It'll be hydrated as column of the related entity.

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