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I have 2 repos: at the Bitbucket and at my own server. Bitbucket repo is for testing and my own server is a production repo.

I have the following .hgrc contents:

default = ssh://hg@bitbucket.org/fancymedia/fancymedia-website
production = ssh://fancymedia@fancymedia.ru/www/fancymedia.ru/www

So the first line with "default" is for Bitbucket, the second one is a production path. It allows me do a trick in a terminal like that:

hg push /* it makes a push to bibucket as a default path */
hg push production /* it pushes to my production server */

All i want is to do the same in Netbeans, yes i can make a push to a default path, but i can't push to my production server just using a short alias 'production', every time a have to type all the path to the server...

Any ideas?

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I looked in the source for the Mercurial integration with NetBeans and it is not possible to extend the menu. It is simply created with a single menu item for "Push Other..." and "Pull Other...".

NetBeans only read the default, default-push, and default-pull values from the [paths] section in your .hg/hgrc file. I agree that it would have been smart to include other push/pull paths in the menu, but they're ignored.

This is as of NetBeans version 7.1, hopefully this changes in the future.

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