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In my file browser, I can read the list of directories and files say in "/" but in that list, some directories require higher privileges to be opened and browsed (root, data etc). Is there a way to detect these before I display them? If the user can't open the directory, I don't want to display it.

I think I'm looking for an AccessControlException but I'm not sure how and when I should be expecting it.

Grateful for any advice.


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Below snippet might help

File file = new File(path);
boolean canRead = file.canRead();
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Many, many thanks. Such a short piece of code; such a long time wondering how to fix it; 3 minutes between asking the question and getting a fix. I love this site (and the generous contributors to it). Baz. –  Barry Aug 4 '11 at 11:10

You can use the methods : MYFile.canExecute; MYFile.canRead; MYFile.canWrite return true if you can execute, read or write the file (or directory)


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