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The jQuery documentation suggests storing additional info per DOMElement using data(). But I'm having a hard time accessing the saved data in a good way.

The scope changes when I call other functions which makes me lose my way :)

(function ($) {
    var methods = {
        init: function (options) {
            return this.each(function () {
                var $this = $(this),
                    data = $'myPlugin');

                if (!data) {
                    $(this).data('myPlugin', {
                        testValue: true

                    data = $'myPlugin');

        testFunction: function () {
            console.log('t: '+$(this).data('myPlugin').testValue);

        otherFunction: function () {
            console.log('o: '+$(this).data('myPlugin').testValue);

    $.fn.myPlugin = function (method) {
        if (methods[method]) {
            return methods[method].apply(this,, 1));
        } else if (typeof method === 'object' || !method) {
            return methods.init.apply(this, arguments);
        } else {
            $.error('Method ' + method + ' does not exist on jQuery.myPlugin');


$(document).ready(function () {

Console output:

t: true
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'testValue' of undefined
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You need to use


instead of


to make the scopes correct.


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