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system generates a text file. it contains more than 100 lines. i like to get a line in the file.

some text **
Actions Pending are: Action-1, Action-2,....Action-3 (this is another new line)
some text**

need to get the Actions in pending to array.

i used

for index in text:

it is printing each character at a time not the line.

help me how can i parse this file to get actions into an array.

Thanks in advance

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You can try something like this:

pendingActions = []
textToSearch = 'Actions Pending are:'
for line in open(filename, 'r'):
    line = line.strip()
    if line and line.startswith(textToSearch):
        pendingActions.extend([x.strip() for x in line[len(textToSearch):].split(',') if x.strip()])
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Its great, thank u – MuraliKrishna Aug 4 '11 at 11:45
You are welcome – Artsiom Rudzenka Aug 4 '11 at 11:47

You need to iterate over the file, not a string read from the file.

with open(filename) as text:
    for line in text:

Iterating over the file gives you lines; iterating over a string gives you characters / bytes.

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You want str.splitlines()

for index in text:


for index in text.splitlines():
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Something like:

d = """some text **
Actions Pending are: Action-1, Action-2, Action-3
some text**
res = []
for line in re.findall('Actions Pending are: (.+)', d):
    res.extend([action.strip() for action in line.split(',')])
['Action-1', 'Action-2', 'Action-3']
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    search_string = 'Actions Pending are: '
    for line in open('yourfile.txt', 'r').readlines():
      if line.startswith(search_string):
        actions = line[len(search_string):].split(',')
    print actions

Artsiom was faster: parsing text file for a line, in python, maybe my version is more readable.

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No need to use .readlines() here. – Artsiom Rudzenka Aug 4 '11 at 12:03

Try something like this

with file("your_file") as logfile:
   result = [line for line in logfile if line.startswith("Actions pending")]

This way in result you will have all the actions lines.

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Here is a one-liner (for fun):

s = """some text **
Actions Pending are: Action-1, Action-2, Action-3
Actions Pending are: Action-4, Action-5, Action-6
some text**"""

[a for ln in s.splitlines() if ln.startswith("Actions Pending") for a in ln[len("Actions Pending are: "):].split(', ')]
['Action-1', 'Action-2', 'Action-3', 'Action-4', 'Action-5', 'Action-6']

To use a file instead of a string, replace s.splitlines() with f.readlines(). Note, I wouldn't use this code in practice; It is just for fun.

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