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I am developing a server backend for my iphone application. I need to upload a picture from my Iphone app to the rails server

I have a base64 encoded image in the post request from my app which I need to parse and send to the Paperclip plugin for the re-sizing of the image.So can anybody suggest me how to do it.

Help me!!!. Thanks in advance.

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In order to save image with correct extension you have to specify content type. It's quite nice to have this in your model as method which is called "berofe_validation"

   StringIO.open(Base64.decode64(self.photo_base64)) do |data|
      data.original_filename = "image_name.jpg"
      data.content_type = "image/jpeg"
      self.photo = data
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You should clarify that photo_base64 is not the the URI but rather the '<data>' value within the URI string. Therefore, you need to discard the 'MIME-type' and 'encoding' if it does include these (ie., photo_base64 .split(',').pop) –  user1322092 Jan 18 at 16:53

Try this:

sio = StringIO.new(Base64.decode64(string))

[ source: base64 photo and paperclip -Rails ]

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Great!!!..thanx..-:) –  saket Aug 16 '11 at 4:43

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