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I'm looking for a way to handle the key in the Grid. I've closely followed the examples here: http://www.sencha.com/learn/architecting-your-app-in-ext-js-4-part-1 http://www.sencha.com/learn/architecting-your-app-in-ext-js-4-part-2

So now everything works fine, but I'd like to handle keys in my Grid.

So I guess in the declaration "this.control({})" I should just add another event concerning userlist but it seems Grid don't have the "keypress" event.

Any idea how I should do (moreover how I should do with the new MVC pattern)?

Ext.define('GS.controller.Users', {

    extend: 'Ext.app.Controller',

    models: [

    stores: [

    views: [

    init: function () {
            /* (!) Actions in 'userlist' */
            'userlist': {
                selectionchange: this.userListSelectionChange,
                itemdblclick: this.userEdit
            'userlist button[action=create]': {
                click: this.userCreate
            'userlist button[action=delete]': {
                click: this.userDelete
            /* (!) Actions in 'useredit' */
            'useredit button[action=create]': {
                click: this.userCreateValidate
            'useredit button[action=save]': {
                click: this.userEditValidate

    userListSelectionChange: function(grid, selections, options) {
        var panel = grid.view.up('panel'),
            button = panel.down('button[action=delete]');

        button.setDisabled(selections.length === 0); 

    userCreate: function(button) {
        /* Using Ext.create() to pass variable create:true
         * instead of the shortcut:
         * var view = Ext.widget('useredit');
        var view = Ext.create('GS.view.user.Edit', {

    userCreateValidate: function(button) {
        var win    = button.up('window'),
            form   = win.down('form'),
            values = form.getValues();


    userEdit: function(grid, record) {
        var view = Ext.widget('useredit');
    userEditValidate: function (button) {
        var win    = button.up('window'),
            form   = win.down('form'),
            record = form.getRecord(),
            values = form.getValues();


    userDelete: function(button) {
        var panel     = button.up('panel'),
            selection = panel.getSelectionModel().getSelection()[0];

        if (selection) {
            var store = this.getUsersStore();
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Define KeyMap(s) in your launch: function() {...} right after you create the view.

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Thank you very much. What is a pity is that I get the answer quicker on stackoverflow than on the Sencha website! – Olivier Pons Aug 5 '11 at 7:47
You're very kind when you say that. I think (but don't say) things far more naughty. No answers. Never. Or totally useless. I'm almost regretting to spend so much time with a framework that has so few help. So after 4 days of asking a question, if I get not answer in their forum (which has been the case 7 times out of 8) I feel like spitting in the wind, so I post it here. Thanks again. – Olivier Pons Aug 5 '11 at 19:43
@oliver welcome to Sencha – cbmeeks Oct 25 '11 at 20:53

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