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I can run the following line:


How can I get the 'owner' set by OWNED BY for a sequence (in this case:

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Upon re-reading the question, I understand now that you want to get the table and column "owning" the sequence, rather than the role "owning" it. I edited the title accordingly. Please roll back if I misunderstood. –  Erwin Brandstetter Jul 15 '13 at 1:10

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Get the "owning" table and column


Your ALTER SEQUENCE statement causes an entry in the system catalog pg_depend with the dependency type (deptype) 'a' and a refobjsubid greater than 0, pointing to the attribute number (attnum) in pg_attribute. With that knowledge you can devise a simple query:

SELECT d.refobjid::regclass, a.attname
FROM   pg_depend    d
JOIN   pg_attribute a ON a.attrelid = d.refobjid AND a.attnum = d.refobjsubid
WHERE  d.objid = 'public."seqName"'::regclass  -- your sequence here
AND    d.refobjsubid > 0;
  • Double quotes ("") are only needed for otherwise illegal names (mixed case, reserved words, ...).

  • No need to assert that classid and refclassid are of type regclass since the join to pg_attribute does that automatically.
    No need to assert that the sequence is a sequence since the name is unique.
    No need to join to pg_class or pg_namespace at all.

  • The schema name is only needed to disambiguate or if it's not in the search_path.

    The same table name (or sequence name for that matter) can be used in multiple schemas. A cast to the object identifier type regclass observes the current search_path to pick the best match if you omit the schema qualification. If the table is not visible, you get an error message.

  • What's more, a regclass type is displayed as text to the user automatically. (If not, cast to text.) The schema-name is prepended automatically, if it's not the first match in the search_path, guaranteeing an unambiguous output for your session.

Get the actual "owner" (the role)

To get the role owning a specific sequence, as requested:

SELECT c.relname, u.usename 
FROM   pg_class c
JOIN   pg_user  u ON u.usesysid  = c.relowner
WHERE  c.oid = '"seqName"'::regclass;  -- your sequence here
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You may use following query:

select s.relname as seq, n.nspname as sch, t.relname as tab, a.attname as col
from pg_class s
  join pg_depend d on d.objid=s.oid and d.classid='pg_class'::regclass and d.refclassid='pg_class'::regclass
  join pg_class t on t.oid=d.refobjid
  join pg_namespace n on n.oid=t.relnamespace
  join pg_attribute a on a.attrelid=t.oid and a.attnum=d.refobjsubid
where s.relkind='S' and d.deptype='a'

It returns all sequences with owner information. Just filter them in WHERE clause and that's it.

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SELECT c.relname,u.usename 
  FROM pg_class c, pg_user u
 WHERE c.relowner = u.usesysid and c.relkind = 'S'
   AND relnamespace IN (
    SELECT oid
      FROM pg_namespace
     WHERE nspname NOT LIKE 'pg_%'
       AND nspname != 'information_schema'
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This works, because sequences "OWNED BY" a table must have the same owner as the table - according to the docs. –  A.H. Jul 14 '13 at 21:39

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