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Based on the Camera API reference, only changing of preview size will have an effect on Zoom. However, in our case, we would like to base it also on the Picture Size. In case of the maximum supported picture size, zoom will not be supported. Meaning, only picture sizes lower than the maximum picture size will support zoom. Because of this, application would need to call getParameter() and check if the zoom is supported or not. If zoom would still be supported on the new picture size, the application would need to get the updated list of supported zoom ratios.

I have checked the process flow of the native camera application and it is as follows,

  1. Set PictureSize if supported
  2. Get the optimal preview size
  3. If current optimal size is different from the current preview size, set the preview size to the optimal size and call the getParameter() to get the updated list of parameters which might have been changed due to the change in preview size.

Otherwise, getParameter() will not be called meaning the supported zoom parameter will not be updated. And this is where our problem lies.

I am just wondering if there are other cellphone makers out there who also based the zoom on the Picture Size and not only on the Preview Size. If there are other than us, is it possible to update the Camera API reference to also mention that zoom should be considered when changing picture size.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I hope the Android Camera Framework Developers could also provide us their insights about this.

Thank you in advance,

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This has become a problem for us since it is not written in the Android API Reference that getParameters() should be called after setting the picture size to get the updated zoom ratios and max zoom. I hope someone could help us about this issue – artsylar Aug 9 '11 at 9:05
I wonder if there is a proper forum where I should posting this inquiry? – artsylar Aug 25 '11 at 0:48

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