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I want to know the maximum amount of heap allocated by the process during it's work.

mallinfo() gives me amount of currently allocated memory. So, I can ask mallinfo() friquently in sepparate thread and store the maximum value.

But, maybe, such information about a process are written somewhere in the system? First of all I'm interested in Windows.

Thanks for any help and comments.

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If there is a way, it's specific to your particular malloc implementation. What compiler are you using? –  Ben Voigt Aug 4 '11 at 13:06

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No, there is no place in the system that keeps track of the maximum amount of heap memory that has been used by a process since its start.

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If it's only for profiling, you can use a profiling tool, like valgrind's massif. I don't know what tools there are for windows, but there certainly are.

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