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I'd like to hold symfony config and routing files as xml files. I know, there are many code examples in the symfony-book but not all configurations-types are shown.

Is there any way to convert the existing yaml-files given from the symfony demo project to xml files to use these files as a base?

I found a dumper class in '/Symfony/vendor/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/DependencyInjection/Dumper/XmlDumper.php' but I don't know if this tool is useful for my problem, never mind how to use it.

So, has anyone an idea about it?

Please excuse my weird english, I'm from Germany ... and I hope that this fact won't reduce my chances of getting an answer :-)

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As far as I know, there is no generic Yaml-to-XML dumper in Symfony. I found this comment from Fabien's blog back at the end of 2009:

Fabien — December 21, 2009 10:38 #3

@simo: You can have create a generic converter from XML to YAML or vice-versa, because the semantics are quite different. In symfony, we support both YAML and XML, but the conversion is hand-crafted for each feature.

However, many 3rd-party bundles (including most of the FriendsOfSymfony bundles) have chosen to use XML as their configuration format. You can browse through code on github for examples, or if you have a specific conversion question, you can bring it here to StackOverflow.

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You can do automatic conversion between YAML / INI / XML with the third party Symfony2 Service Config Converter.

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The Symfony2 package (2.4.0) contains yml type files for their AcmeDemoBundle. It is a hassle to change those existing yml files. However, you can make a little modifications that make your newly created bundles use xml format config and routing. You can modify /app/config/config.yml

# resource: "%kernel.root_dir%/config/routing.yml"
resource: "%kernel.root_dir%/config/routing.xml"

Also, /app/config/routing_dev.yml

# resource: routing.yml
resource: routing.xml

By doing these changes, you can choose to use xml when you build your own bundles.

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