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I have a table where there are some scores for pairs.

Like this

P1    P2    Score   Date
John  Mark  43      2011-01-01
Sinan Ash   53      2011-02-03
John  Suzie 34      2011-10-10
Ash   Sinan 54      2011-11-11
sinan suzie 42      2011-12-12

So what I want is to get all the scores for Sinan and his partner. What I am trying to get is something llike:

partner - score
ash       53
ash       54
suzie     42

I'm trying to do it with te query below. Is there a better way to query than

select * from table WHERE P1 = 'sinan' OR P2 = 'sinan'

Is this efficient? Maybe there is a better way to store the data in the first place. Any suggestions?

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How large is the data table? That is probably the simplest method, even though it's technically not normalized. Unless you need really high performance, I wouldn't bother optimizing it any more. – mellamokb Aug 4 '11 at 13:42
it's around 600000 and 800000 rows – Sinan Aug 4 '11 at 13:45
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The real trick is alternating the partner between P1 and P2. The simplest approach might be:

SELECT P2 AS partner, Score
    FROM table
    WHERE P1 = 'sinan'
SELECT P1 AS partner, Score
    FROM table
    WHERE P2 = 'sinan'
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Do you think a case statement with the OR clause would perform better than a union? select case when p1='sinan' then p2 else p1 end as partner from table where p1='sinan' or p2='sinan' – Derek Kromm Aug 4 '11 at 13:48
@Derek: That's a good suggestion too. I was actually going to add it as an alternative option when your comment came in. I'd suggest benchmarking both. – Joe Stefanelli Aug 4 '11 at 13:50

Here's an example using the CASE statement

SELECT CASE WHEN P1 = 'Sinan' THEN P2 ELSE P1 END AS Partner, Score
FROM ScoreTable
WHERE P1 = 'Sinan' OR P2 = 'Sinan'
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