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I am using this webgrid in my view.

 <div class="grid">
var grid = new WebGrid(Model.SearchResults, canPage: true, rowsPerPage: 15);
           htmlAttributes: new { @style = "width:100%", cellspacing = "0" },
           columns: grid.Columns(
           grid.Column(header: "Customer Name", format: (item) => Html.ActionLink((string)item.FullName, "ShowContracts", new { id = item.UserId }, new { @style = "color: 'black'", @onmouseover = "this.style.color='green'", @onmouseout = "this.style.color='black'" })),
           grid.Column(header: "SSN", format: item => item.SSN)

I search with SSN and display the results in a webgrid. The displayed data is dummy data. I have a bool AccountVerified in my viewmodel, now I should not give action link to the accounts which are not verified and display text next to them saying account verification pending. Can someone help me on this?

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Try the following:

    header: "Customer Name", 
    format: (item) => 
            ? Html.ActionLink(
                  new { 
                      id = item.UserId 
                  new { 
                      style = "color: 'black'", 
                      onmouseover = "this.style.color='green'", 
                      onmouseout = "this.style.color='black'" 
            : Html.Raw("pending")

or write a custom HTML helper to avoid this monstrosity and simply:

    header: "Customer Name", 
    format: item => Html.PendingLink(item)
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