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Hello friendly guys. On Linux with Bash, I often need to list environment variables(env-var) whose names start with some predefined word. For example, to list all env-vars with name pattern gmXXX, I will do

[chj @linux-ic37 ~]$ export|grep '^declare -x gm'
declare -x gmu_DO_SHOW_COMPILE_CMD="1"
declare -x gmu_DO_SHOW_LINK_CMD="1"

But writing that long command everytime is boring. So, can I write an alias to simplify it? I tried but no luck.

[chj @linux-ic37 ~]$ alias fvgm="export|grep \'^declare -x gm\'"

[chj @linux-ic37 ~]$ fvgm
grep: gm': No such file or directory

Can anyone help me out?

To make it further, can I go as far as having 'gm' parameterized, like

fv gm

to list all env-var starting with 'gm' ?

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You don't need to escape the single-quote in your alias. Change it to:

alias fvgm="export|grep '^declare -x gm'"

You need to write a function to make it generic. For example:

    export | grep "^declare -x $1"

You can then call:

fv gm
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How about: fv() { env | grep "^$1"; }

$ fv HO
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Did you try compgen -v STR

This will generate a list of all the variable names starting with STR This should be a better option than piping export because it does not involve another process

So the same fv function can be written as [edited to add values]

   for EV in $(compgen -v ${1}); do 
     eval echo "$EV=\$$EV"
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Sorry, but it list only the variable names, not there values. –  Jimm Chen Aug 5 '11 at 7:22
@Jimm okay I modified to include the value. The text of the question did not as for variables and their values, so downvoting on that basis is not cool –  nhed Aug 5 '11 at 15:51

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