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I want to do a apple iphone application and want to test in my iphone. But whenever I finished my apps and try to publish in my PC. They request Apple developer certificate although I want to use for myself. I can't publish my apps. And also I can't afford to buy Apple developer certificate. thanks in advance.

Can you please help and advice me "How can I test my iphone apps on my PC?" I'm using Adobe Flash Cs4 professional.

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If you can afford a $500+ iPhone then I am certain you can afford an Apple Developer license for a mere $99. :) – Luke Aug 4 '11 at 14:17

You can test your apps for free on a single device in xcode 7.x. Please follow the instructions here!

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The short answer would be: You can't.

Usually you need a mac to do proper iOS development and usually (which means taking the official route) there's no way to run your app on any device without a certificate.

You might be able to run it on a jailbroken device though, but I can't tell you how.

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I think only possible by Jailbreaking your device or faking certificate.

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In order to test on device you must have an iOS Developer Program account. It cost 99US/year and you sign up at

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You will have to jailbreak your phone and then create your own certificate. Check this out iPhone App Minus App Store? for steps on how to do that.

Of course this will only help you for testing purposes; if you want to submit to the app store then you will have to register for a developer account (99$/year)

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