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I have the below in a google map application and want to display the elevation converted to feet but how do I round up/down to the nearest number? (eliminate digits after the decimal) I tried the number.toFixed(x) method but nothing seemed to do it.

function getElevation(event) {

    var locations = [];
    var clickedLocation = event.latLng;
    var positionalRequest = { 'locations': locations }

    // Initiate the location request
    elevator.getElevationForLocations(positionalRequest, function(results, status) {
      if (status == google.maps.ElevationStatus.OK) {

        // Retrieve the first result
        if (results[0]) {

          // Open an info window indicating the elevation at the clicked position
          infowindow.setContent("The elevation at this point <br/>is " + results[0].elevation*(3.2808399) + " feet.");
        } else {
          alert("No results found");
      } else {
        alert("Elevation service failed due to: " + status);
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If you want to round to the nearest integer, simply use Math.round(x)

Math.round(25.9)  //returns 26
Math.round(25.2)  //returns 25
Math.round(-2.58) //returns -3

You may also want to look into Math.floor (always rounds down), and Math.ceil (always rounds up).

I've put together a Fiddle that demonstrates all three methods: jsFiddle

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Thanks man. Ended up with Math.round(results[0].elevation*(3.2808399)) + " feet.") –  RonnieT Aug 4 '11 at 18:40


Returns the number rounded down to the nearest integer


Returns the number rounded up to the nearest integer


Returns the number rounded up to the nearest integer

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