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I'm trying to build this SQL query:

update shop_product set flags=flags^(flags&1024);

Using Doctrine 1.2.

I have tried these methods:

    ->update('Model_ShopProduct p')
    ->set('p.flags', 'p.flags^(p.flags&' . $flag);


    ->update('Model_ShopProduct p')
    ->set('p.flags', new Doctrine_Expression('p.flags^(p.flags&?'), $flag);

And many similar variations with no success. Please help mi with this one.

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The simpliest way to achieve this is to salvage database connection from Doctrine and perfrom raw sql query on it, something like

$connection = Doctrine_Manager::getCurrentConnection()->getDbh();
//connection is an ordinary PDO object
$connection->query("update shop_product set flags=flags^(flags&1024);");

If you are not familiar with PDO, here is the documentation on PDO::query.

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