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I am kind of new to Orchard CMS and I need to implement some kind of a portal on this technology. Basically the system need to have a couple of blogs and some additional content types (like events, webcasts, photo galleries etc). Whenever I navigate to a blog (for example http://localhost/OrchardLocal/blog1/) I want to have a menu with the following actions:

  • Latests posts - which will contain the latests posts of that blog
  • Webcasts - which will display the entries of type Webcast from the owner of the blog
  • Photo Galleries - same as Webcasts but with Photo Galleries
  • Events - same as Webcasts but with Events

On the main page of the portal (http://localhost/OrchardLocal/) I need to somehow have all this information aggregated. So I have to be able to see the latest posts, webcasts, photo galleries and events from all the authors.

I would like to know what would be the best approach to implement this.

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There is a great blog post abount finding content in Orchard which should give you enough to start with.

If you want to implement the links as a menu you might want to look at the INavigationProvider interface which has a couple of good implementations (notably Pszmyd's Advanced Menu Module as well as the core Orchard ones).

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