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I'm curious: Is it possible to change the the id of the body tag from code-behind (in ASP.Net Webforms)?

I want to change

<body id="test">


<body id="foo">

without having to use a second MasterPage. (Our designer provided two different html/css files where the id of the body tag is different. Except for that small difference, I could use the same MasterPage)

Do I really need to create another MasterPage, just for the different body tag?

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You can have a bodyId variable in the MasterPage:

<body id='<%= bodyId %>'>

And then you can set the variable from the content page.

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ID of page elements is same as name of variables, can you change them? if yes you can do this also, if no, it's possible!

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You can do it on client side too.

See here :

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