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I need something like SendInput in Windows API.

I see this method, I don't know there is anyway to convert unicode character to virtual Key code.

CGEventRef CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent (
   CGEventSourceRef source,
   CGKeyCode virtualKey,
   bool keyDown
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You can use SendInput to send unicode characters, but you are limited to UTF-8 since you are limited to a short for wScan. You need to set wVK to 0x00 and set the use unicode flag(0x0004) in dwFlags. – CaulynDarr Jan 8 '13 at 18:48
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CGEventRef e = CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent(NULL, NULL, true);
CGEventKeyboardSetUnicodeString(e, unicodeStringLength, unicodeString);   
CGEventPost(kCGHIDEventTap, e);      
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It doesn't look right to pass NULL as the second parameter of CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent, because it's not a pointer. It happens to work, because the NULL is treated as zero, which is a valid key code. Also note that you should say CFRelease(e) at the end. – JWWalker Sep 21 '12 at 18:24

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