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I am a decent VBA programmer but I have no experience with PHP and very little with Drupal. We created a drupal site and a few custom CCK content types but there is one thing i would like to implement and i have no idea how. Is there a way I could create a node for my specific content type, by passing the values from an excel file ?

To be more explicit, I have an excel file with 6 columns and a content type with 6 fields matching the columns in excel. Now I want to have a vba procedure that will take the values in my 6 columns and pass them to another script (I assume) which will create the node using the values from my vba procedure. So something like :

Call Create_node (a1.value,b1.value,c1.value,d1.value,e1.value,f1.value)

Is something like this possible ?

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Take a look at the Feeds module. You can export your Excel data as CSV and have Feeds easily convert it into nodes as you described.

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Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. I did check the Feeds module but I don't think it does what I need, or at least I don't know how to make it. to create a node using the feeds module I should still navigate to the www.domain.com/import page and load the file from there, I'm trying to find a fully automated solution, not sure if it's possible by using the feeds module. –  beboard Aug 5 '11 at 12:02

Take a look at this module "Node import" may help you


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